Týden s anglickými lektory

3 Čvn , 2019   Gallery

Ve dnech 20. – 24 .5.2019 proběhl již pošesté Týden s anglickými lektory.

65 studentů naší školy vyměnilo školní učebnice za anglický slovník a strávilo celý týden intenzivní výukou anglického jazyka s rodilými mluvčími. Cílem tohoto týdne je „rozmluvit“ studenty, umožnit jim mluvit celý den pouze anglicky, získat větší sebevědomí a rozšířit si slovní zásobu.  Kurzy se setkávají s velkým ohlasem  – zde jsou názory britských lektorů i  studentů:

Another fantastic week for TalkTalk teachers at the Gymnazium Uhersky Brod, where we encountered students full of enthusiasm for speaking English.

As teachers we know that our courses depend for their success and enjoyment on the attitude of our students, at Uhersky we also get excellent levels of English knowledge, well developed vocabulary and a willingness to engage in our teaching activities. Keep up the good work ! Well done again to everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.

I was very impressed with the level of English from the students. They were fantastic to work with and I had a lovely week teaching them. Ralph and I hope to come back for another English course because we loved it so much!
Ellie Catterson

It was SUPER INTERESTING and we had fun all week and it was helpful for my English.
It is hard to describe how amazing it was!
First three hours every day were like this: football, football, football,hockey, hockey, hockey and it was fun. Guy is a great man. After that the games came, I enjoyed especially kahoot and other team games. THUMBS UP!

It was great, because my English is better now.
Students from tercie


It was a good week full of fun and learning through games. Our teachers, the native speakers were the best. Sometimes I was in a fog,  but I found the way. It could be for 2 weeks.
Adam, 16

The week was awesome, I had very good time being there and I learnt a lot of new things such as pronunciation, new games, met a lot of kind people, I’m very happy and next year I plan to attend again
Sára, 15

I really enjoyed that week. The games were interesting. I also liked discussions a lot; I think it helped us not be afraid to talk. And it helped us improve our British pronunciation a bit.
Marek, 16

The week was really good. We played nice interesting games. I think British jokes are awesome.
Bořek, 16

The time spent with the native speakers was much more interesting and fulfilling than the time spent in the English lessons. The funniest games were those from the geography or flag recognition because I know a lot about it. Theatrical plays and storytelling were also very entertaining.
Ivo, 16

I liked the fact that teaching was a form of entertainment, games and walks around Uherský Brod. It was very useful. I think it’s better than normal English lessons where you can speak Czech. Here you have to speak English because they don’t understand Czech.
Simona, 16

It was interesting experience and I was glad that I could concentrate only on English. For me the best thing was when we were doing the quiz and when we were preparing some scenes on a certain topic. I hope that I improved my English a little bit and I found out that English language is very useful.
Eliška, 16

Our native speakers were Elli and Ralph. They were very kind and fun to be with. We played various games. I enjoyed the whole week but the best was the last day because we went for a walk and did an English quiz.
Simona, 16

I enjoyed this week. I think it was useful for my English and it was fun. I liked it.
Veronika, 16

I think the week with native speakers was very important to me. We’ve learned a lot. It was enlightening and fun.
Zdeněk, 16

It was really amazing and very helpful for me.
Linda, 16

I think that was a very nice week. All games we played with Ellie were funny and interesting. Ralph’s projects and discussions were more difficult for me, but also good.
Táňa, 16

A week with English native speakers was really interesting and educational for me. At first I was a little nervous because I didn’t like speaking in English in front of lots of people. Now it’s easier thanks to Ellie and Ralph.
Erika, 16

I really like all week because we had a good program. We played games, did projects, had discussions and so on. Ellie and Ralph are very nice and friendly.
Katka, 16

It was an interesting week. I enjoyed this week because we were learning through games. It was better than normal English lessons
Eliška, 16


Mgr. Jana Cahlová, Mgr. Helena Matrasová